Build on a story I once wrote, I knew you now I don’t.

You broke my heart, and I am heading back to the start.

With music, writing, thoughts and art.

I need to take this journey on my own to get away from everything about you that I had ever known.

You may be gone but you are still a big part of my life, the shattered fragments of my uptuned chewed up heart.

This is all for me, to let the healing begin.

I have come far to understand what I must do, in truth this is nothing new.

But maybe I can find a peaceful me, as I try and sort all these things out.

I will think of you and it will hurt, and I will get angry.

And I want to be alone, but surrounded at times with people that I care about.

Not followed by people that I don’t want to know.

It is comforting to know what many people are alone.

A phone that does not ring, an empty heart with a picture of you within.

It is comforting to know that many people are alone.

And I am not the on ly one  sitting here wondering why the world has not done me any favours.

A phone that does not ring every time that I look at it expecting something good to follow me around.

But maybe I am just to nice.

Maybe I should just do my own thing and forget about everyone else.

They are not there for me and never were why do I have to concern myself with them.

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