the sporadic sentimental thoughts on a spiritual journey

When is the adventure ever over

Here are some of the sporadic sentimental thoughts on a spiritual journey

You may not know it but walking for more than 90 minutes will release endorfhines and a feeling of euthoria, but will also open your mind to all the good and bad thoughts you have. Why catch the train. I like to go on an adventure carring little more than a backpack, nice shirt, sturdy shoes and my unhinged mind

I was getting hungery as the sun began to set and walked into a  restaurant that doubled as a soup kitchen, I don’t know where my mind was but I agreed to help out in the kitchen, 18 hours of washing dishers greating people as they walked by, my mind travels odd directions when in is on a spiritual journehy.

Spiritual journey I went on, I would like to record what I was thinking and what I came across not just retrospectively. But as it happened.

My feet were hurting and I just wanted it to be over.

At many times I tried to take myself of the path that I was walking, but new those persuts wewre trivial a quick fix was not going to mend my broken heart.

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