Celibacy chats

12:56:10 AM] Sarah: are you weird?

12:56:43 AM] John: no, I am on the level. but very creative when I want to be.

12:58:19 AM] John: i sometimes vere heavily to basic and closed when I have something on my mind. but generally open and welcoming, promoting ideas with people to share 🙂

1:00:41 AM] Sarah: yeah i dunno lol

1:00:48 AM] Sarah: you are a mystery to me

1:01:55 AM] John: celibacy what do you think of it? I was thinking about it today

1:02:44 AM] Sarah: celibacy? if i could do it i would

1:03:00 AM] Sarah: sex just causes too many problems

1:03:27 AM] John: why dont you thinking you can’t do it?

1:04:17 AM] Sarah: sex is a problem for me

1:04:47 AM] John: I don’t understand

1:05:09 AM] Sarah: its hard for me to restrain from it with a person that i like

1:05:26 AM] John: aah I understand

1:05:32 AM] Sarah: or dont really like that much

1:06:35 AM] John: you like to fuck and express yourself because it is exciting

1:07:02 AM] Sarah: no. i think its more i like the attention

1:07:24 AM] Sarah: i dont like the actual process

1:07:30 AM] Sarah: im not obsessed with sex

1:07:45 AM] Sarah: i just like someone paying attention to me in a loving way

1:08:09 AM] Sarah: cause i have a low self esteem

1:08:22 AM] John: ahh

1:08:57 AM] Sarah: i dont like sex but it gets me what i want

1:09:32 AM] Sarah: i prefer kissing and hugging

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