saying good night to the dating world

still not over the last person. I think it is a good idea to try and forget about that sort of thing until my heart has fully recovered. months maybe.

19 thoughts on “saying good night to the dating world

      • The nutshell version: I was with someone for nearly three years. I got dumped while I was about 2 days into a 10 day tour. She was the one where it didn’t scare me or weird me out thinking about being married to/spending the rest of my life with her. It has been about eight months, and I’m just now starting to feel “Ok, I’m ready to date again”. I had some significant life changes about two months after we broke up (blood clots in my legs), and moved six months after we split. I went from being crushed to gradually rebuilding myself. The mental side is typically AOK, on occasion, I’ll have an off day. Now, I’m focusing on building myself-getting back into good shape, making sure I stay on top of my medical stuff, and pursuing some hobbies/interests that I had put on the back burner. If you ever need to talk-hit me up.

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