message before dinner


Dear T,

So you are Jamming to Jeff Buckley in the evening time. Smooth tune, what does the song mean to you?

“The thing I liked about Melb was the cold, gloomy weather and constant rain and the way the plants grow everywhere. I often found it beautiful, romantic and a little magic.” I never like the cold and dreary days but then again, maybe I was never looking at it in the right light. You seem to have many good memories of your travels to this city, and I like hearing them. Not just the names of places but how you felt about them.

The bond you shared with your old friend sounds lovely, very at ease. A great person you bonded with.

The bath was great, the cold water eased my headache.

You say that your life is in shambles right now, I think it is only momentarily peaceful and the rest of the time it is messy. Neck deep in whatever is trying to fill your mind. I myself am focusing more understanding the shambles as they come, funnily enough it has help a little with me dealing with them and finding better solutions to what ales me.

“I suppose that has always been hard for me as I am a quiet, socially awkward kinda person who doesn’t get out enough.” This is how I feel, I think if you were anything different I would not be able to associate.  So thank you for being quiet and awkward. I like the idea that somehow I am not alone with these feelings.

Your friend, and always smiling,


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