Stuck with my dark thoughts

Fuck this life, life is shit, I just want it to end. Why am I even here? Is this some big joke? I hate how stupid I am, and all the dumb things that I do, everyone else has sorted things out, but I am here just doing  and achieving nothing, working towards another broken dream.

I don’t want to leave this room there is nothing out there for me, everything I had is not broken, and it is all my fault. I am just a worm, and needy ever so needy, why cant I be the person everyone things I should be. You get close and I just cant take it any more I just want it all to end.

14 thoughts on “Stuck with my dark thoughts

  1. Lily, if you can, do your best right now to feel your skin, what you’re wearing, whatever is physically supporting you right now in this moment. you would not be here if there was not a reason. we all get confused and blinded in the darkness. you are not your darkness. breathe, if you can, into your belly. cry if you need, punch a pillow, throw some bottles into a trashcan and break them. know you are loved and you are never alone. much love, tiffany

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  2. Listen. I know what it feels like to think everyone else is sorted but you. It’s bullshit. Others are just better at hiding their fear and insecurity.

    Tiffanybeingfree is right. Focus on the physical. Eat something delicious. Stand in the rain. Swim. Get out in nature. You are part of the world. Be in it. Keep practicing

    All will pass.

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  3. We would live a boring life if we didn’t do dumb things every now and then. Life would also be pretty dull if we had everything sorted out straight away, giving us not much to work towards. Use the things that are bringing you down as something to work on and look at it as experience. Experiences that will make you a better person. There is so much out there waiting for you! It’s probably time to step out of your comfort zone and do new things and make yourself feel great again 🙂

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  4. Don’t let us fool you. None of us have our act together as well as it sometimes seems. We’re experiencing one day at a time, sometimes struggling a great deal. But the light does shine, from time to time. You don’t have to be strong or perfect. None of us are.


  5. The person most worth loving will not abandon you for your mistakes, or your faults – so if one or two should walk away dismiss them with a wave, no more. They were not your destination, they were stations on the way. The path you are taking may not be plain to you at first, but each wild flower you pluck adds to your bouquet, and it will be a thing of beauty in the end. Smile and enjoy the ride!

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