myer briggs test


I remember a few years ago we took the test at work as sort of a team building exercise.

I can not remember the results I got, but remember everyone was surprised that I got a very extroverted result, when I was very quiet at work (usually hungover shhhh) heheh.

what do bloggers get? have you taken the test?

Always smiling,


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11 thoughts on “myer briggs test

  1. I’ve had to take this test multiple times, for various reasons: as an education major, several times in seminary, a couple times at churches, and some online tests on my own. I always come back INFP. The only part of my type that wavers somewhat is the E/I part. one time, I believe during my college days, I was almost an even split between introvert and extrovert, and I only scored introvert by a couple points. At other times, I have scored almost as far on the introvert side as I could go.

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  2. That was fun. I went and took a free one of these. It pretty much got me right. That being I don’t fit cleanly into any one of these. It seemed to think I’m probably all of the ones on the left. Realistically, ENFJ probably best describes me. That most likely explains why I always mention when a film I review is preying or relying on someone’s ignorance of a subject and try to educate them.

    Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea this test existed. These things are usually fun to do.

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