I emailed you my heart


Wait until satuday. I just want to fuck already.

Love blossomed through the joys of email. An old college of mine  and I stayed in touch. Swaping jthoughts and experiences in detailed accounts of our daily lives. I felt more of a collection when we were sharing this unspoken bond. Looking forward to my morning message and his 7pm evening tailes.

In this fast pace world it is good to have something simple to get excited about. We can pick and choose when to send messages and they will arrive in a matter of minutes, I think about the mailing system and how it opened up ways for lovers to share thoughts without anyone knowing.

The brief snippets of you say much more than if a saw it all, uncovering a treasure one at a time and sharing our thoughts memories and experiences with each one.

Email from Kaitlyn to Ben.

“Dear Ben,

Sadness dripped into my mind, and the cold emptiness of uncertainty made puddles in my heart the weight of these heavy thoughts slowed my day. I would like to be open about these things, sometimes a can be to you. But most of it I walk on through and deal with it myself. I thought I needed more time to love again, but I feel like this is what I want and I am determined to meet with you face to face. Maybe sit in my yard under the sun sharing a pot of tea.

Heart wide open,



Saturday came and I did not know what to expect. I knocked on the front door and was greeted by a housemante, she came around the corner. In a dress, skin sunkissed and dark hair and eyes. See you in person felt so strange, we have swapped many photos back and forth, but to see you in the flesh is something else.

We chat for a little and you lead me into your room. I have seen photos of your bed head and trinkets on the window ceil and walls. I stand in your abode and I am amased at your collection.

I like the way to play, tease and share your intimate thoughts. I watch you make your way onto the bed, hips sway as you crawl on a sit yourself down. Doors closed windows vailed. You look at me as you undress, my eyes follow your hands. You touch your jewellery and bite into the fruit, juices pore from the pieced flesh of the fruit and drip down your chin. On to your chest, droplets land on your breast and some find there way lower to settle on your stomach and thighs. With careful fingers you play and draw swirls with the sticky mess, a smile on your face. At ease with your body, and sharing this quiet secrete with me.

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