Back in my home town

I have been hiking the past few weeks, exploring the great terrain that Tasmania’s World Heritage Nature parks have to offer. Some parts were challenging and others were blissful. But now that I am back if feels as though it all happened so fast. So I think I will take the next few weeks to reflect upon my travels.

Is there a place that you often think about?


In other news, I keep getting emails that say. I like your website please review mine and offer your thoughts. Not sure if I should  do it.

What would you do? have you been asked a similar thing?

2 thoughts on “Back in my home town

  1. I have been asked that second question but the first one? You are the first. There is actually a ‘bucket list’ of places I want to go, but not to live there. I live in the place I have always wanted to be. I live where I can live my life naked. And, that is a boon for a kid born in the middle of a cold continent.

    That second one? Yes. I have been asked to read someone else’s blog and review. I do it if I like their effort. If not, I am politely mum.

    Welcome home, Lily.


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