Cute emails between my heart and my mind

Title: A walk at night with my crush

First we greeted and loved. But now we walk into the night breathing in the air, hearing the still night. maybe unfamiliar places, streetlights, bushtrack. Together we are not alone, I can hear a stream, beyond the reeds. then moon covered in clouds. The air is cold, scarf covers my face, but a smile warms my face. you and all your nomad grace, out here with you I find my place.

Title: the good life

I can turn on a tap, clean water

Warm shelter and fresh food at my disposal,

A nurturing natured partner to love, hold and inspire me,

Cheeky smiles and laughing eyes gathered with friends,

The good life, only one thing left,

To give back, and share with the wider community,

Open my heart and mind to all that can be.

Title: first date

had this idea in mind about us hanging out playing I dare you. I get embarrassed when I have to do something silly in public, but so thrilling. And the way your eyes light up knowing what we have done, words unsaid.


Title: new years eve in the garden

I am thinking about a garden party I went to where it had many trees, we sat out on blankets and there were lights and candles throughout the big plant filled yard. I would like to do that again.


Title: sad, heartbroken and angry

self hatred.

bipolar downs

I loved you so very much

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