Theme Science fiction/supernatural
The night air was warm and the scent of jasmine filled the garden. He walked slowly along the brick path, his breath was easy, he was calm. He stood in the middle of the garden and looked up, the night sky was crisp and clear, stars shining brightly. He was at the centre of everything. He felt that soon everything was about to change, there would be someone new in his garden. But he would think on that later. For now he needed to sleep. He walked back indoors, curled up in his bed and shortly fell asleep. It was here in his sleep world that he did his real work. He would explore his un-conscious, unlocking secrets his mind had to reveal, when he awoke in the morning he would continue to write.
How deep can I go inside my mind? This is a question I keep asking myself I feel like I am rowing a boat on a lake that is my consciousness. And below is the unknown. I can see my reflection and a little into the water were the sun is shining. But any deeper is a mystery. I want to explore it but it makes me nervous. What is down there? will it be dangerous? and can I come out safe if I decide I have had enough?None of these questions will be answered unless I take the dive and look in. maybe I will wear some scoober gear to protect me. Or give myself a safety word so that I can leave if I get stuck.okay so that makes me feel a little more comfortable. I look around the raft and see that there is not much here. All really dry as it has all been sitting in the sun all day. But there is nothing hear except a book of random words. I tuck it under my arm and fall backwards into the water. I splash into it and feel a shock of the cold water crowding around me. It feels heavy. Like a goo. I straighten myself up by using my hands and legs to paddle. I do not feel a shortness in breath at all. It is like this goop is allowing me to, well not breath, but not needing to breath. I felt it fill up my nostrals when I dived in. I think we should paddle back to sure, as I am so hungry for a really nice, sandwich…mmm something that you would only find,at a homestead after driving for hours. thick bread, cornbeef, butter, chautney, pumpkinikel, or a mutilgrain, for some reason I see it as homemade bread. a thick loaf that has been cut just today. I can picture things so well. I can smell it, the room, the air and feel the breeze it is a weird feeling having all this when I am just thinking about a sandwich.
He became aware of singing. Beautiful singing. He listened hard and the singing transformed into the warbeling of a magpie. His eyes fluttered and presently he became aware of the morning sun streaming though his wind. He rolled over and picked up his leather bound book which sat on his bedside table. He began to write as much as he could remember from his dreams.
After feeling that he could add no more, he went into the kitchen and began to make himself breakfast. Once well fed and washed up he sat at his desk. It was an old Jarrah wood desk from the old world. It was rare to see furniture like this now days. He sighed.
He took out his writing from earlier and began to pour over what he had written. There must be an answer in her somewhere.
He had been recording is dream like this for fifteen years now, trying to find an answer. The answer he was seeking was how he could get back to Nina. Nina was his birth planet. He had been sent here, where ever that was, as punishment for growing ancient plants in the kingdom. Before he had been banished an old magic man had told him that he would find his way back to Nina and that the path was laid out in his subconscious. He only had to allow himself to access it.

(LILY)I feel so alone, stuck here on a pale blue dot in the the far reaches of the universe. So far removed from everything ive ever known.  Though somehow I want to endure this suffering, overcome with self pitty and self loathing I want to feel the pain that I have caused other and to myself. But all of this is just petty, The plants I grew were only listed as harmful to our nation, built up in peoples minds that compared to the fruits and juices we have they are far more devastating, but everything has its pros and cons, excess is where things turn harmful.

The plant I was growing was called “negative creaper” when ingested it would create a feeling of self doubt about the people around you, project and highten any negative thoughts you have. This would last for about 25 to 40 minutes. And then the effects would subside and you would not feel that way again. I like to think it was a way to purge all that negativity you have that sticks around for days or months and then reawaken your love for the world. Though if you take to much of it you start having premonitions, that are very real but two him and his people they do not make sence.

He thought there was more to it than just random freaky dreams and he stared documenting them and telling people, his people did not feel comfortable having random thoughts deciding fate. And he was gaining followers, this must be stopped. So he was  banished to a far away planet. They don’t grow it here but happly indulge in something similar and dance. Music will play lights will flash. The message just part of the fun. And after 15 years what the hell, enjoy life a little.

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