Un-sexy stories of heartbreak told to lovers

Title: your dick in another

I loved you but you fucked another. Does it make you feel good to mistreat me. Does it make you feel good to hurt me. And disregard my feelings. What am I a doormat, not worth anything. Validate me. I am nothing without you. I want you to make me feel whole. I feel left out, and yet the image of you and them is forced in every corner of my mind. I can’t talk, I am so angry and broken, it feels like I am tearing apart inside rage and sadness ripping me in two. I loved you, you know that. I told you so. And what, I am just a flower you can stand on.

Title: Stone walls

Here are verses that are not worth listening to, I want to understand why I hate it, and feel the same distaste as I do, because a good cynic hates you alsoI am so angry, and hate repeating myself, I hate nature, I want to build walls of steel around me, I want the air to be made only of what I create. I want to escape from all of those creepy mess that grows around m, those do gooding aminamls, making there messy dens everywhere, it hurts me to think that some can not be tamed. I will take them all down create order and make others feel pain, the pain that I feel now. I will transfer all the bad from me to the, nature scum that infect my perfect metal world of order and elimination.

Title: Truth is, one tries

What do I want to be, and how am I seen,

I want to work hard on my art. (underachiever),

I want to be committed to a task (ever changing),

I want to pay attention to my dress sense ( you look homeless),

I want to be atticulate and well spoken, (a broken mess of cynical frazes)

The solid truth, is one feebly tries

Title: pulling at my leaves

I feel so lost here, why I  cry but my words go unnoticed. I feel so much pain inside. It hurts so bad. The death inside me hurting so hard, I feel the emptiness closing in on me, I only ever wanted to be loved. But my heart so bad now that you have left. A whole inside it hurts, scratching at the walls of my chest. The pain there cutting me down. My branches whilt

I shaded you as a child, you would play beneath my leaves, and no you want me fucking dead you hateful piece of shit. Humans you worthless scum. In only 60 years you think you have come so far but all you have done is thrown bigger and bigger tantrums. I was doing fine before you came. And made a mess of things, an ecosystem that will never recover, you say grass is all you need and neatly trimmed trees, but what about me, my friends and our needs. To tame the forest is to delve into you insanity, I bring sanity, good vibes, and fresh air. All these things can not be traded in your fake plastic mess. My heart hurts my mind a blur, and I can feel my sap boil, you did this, you made a mess of things.

title: sway

I feel your touch as we sit together, your smile, the edges of your eyes showing there lines and curves. I like these moments we share, you cross legged sunkissed skin. You stand up and walk out onto a patch of grass. Music plays in the background, calm words can be heard somewhere of into the distance. But it’s you that I am focused on. As you sway in the warm evening breeze.I look you over, those clothes in earthy green, red and brown colours. One with nature. You make me want to know all the names of every plant in the garden. Inspire me to learn more about the world around us.

To think this will all go way someday 😥

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