Tears in rain, hide the pain

I cry, I fuck, I learn and I love.

Lily: I have been dying for a root. I get this way when im alone too long. I have been housesitting for over a week and I do not know anyone. Come over and make me cum. This is all I can think of. I am one of those weird girls who can only cum if she is being penetrated. So I either stay in my room all day sitting on a vibrator or go out and find myself a lover, warm flesh and a nice smile.

Jesse: My mind races, I can’t wait to get home to play with my cock. I have not had a good wank in over a week. Visions of you keep flashing into my mind that skirt, those legs in your tights. I want to be between them. I want to be above you big eyes, on your knees. Your smart arse comments, that sexy smile. I know my body well, the way I stroke and tease myself. I slow down, get my breath and speed up. I hear your squeals in my mind. Pain and joy in your eyes, staring at me all the time. I want to finish on your face, in your mouth on your tits, in your pussy. I want to cover you, every sexy moment covering you with my cum as a physical statement saying I want to own that moment I want to own you. You tell me that you are mine, with those big eyes so divine.

Jesse: I love the look of my cock, and love it better when you are playing with it. In your hand in your mouth. I like to be able to see my cock, your eyes, your tits and the way you move your body.

Lily: I am a sub at heart, I cum easily so I try not to make it all about me. Our time that we share together I take on a whole new persona and I fuck better than a machine. I have learnt to move my body, hips and eyes in a slow rhythem. Its sexy, and hypnotic, my spell on you.

Title: Anything but neat I’ll keep.

I have been told that’s what I do wrong, my drawings to messy, smudged and my thoughts to loud or quiet with no middle ground. Well at least I don’t frown like you, I get sad I’ll admit but I don’t  get caught up in the trivial as I know it will go away, maybe soon it will all be gone.

My mascara runs, my lipgloss drips. I shower  pat myself dry but apply my makeup when my face is still wet. I like the way it runs, I have no control over it. My face looks like it has been painted with watercolours.

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