Dragonfly wings and midnight tears

Tears can be a good thing. It is part of me, so why not embrace it. I think the more emotional I am the better love I will be. Love is about passion, and to feel that connection as I gush with emotion. Sometimes when I cry I ask for sex. My makeup running down my cheak smearing on your shoulder as you enter me. My lipgloss wet against your skin. My nightdress hiked up over my thighs. I think of sad times, loss and loneliness and mix it with lust, desire, pain and pleasure. We move slow taking every momement in. And hard and fast as we push on through me fighting for a resolution.

Letting you see me upset was one step but really embracing my emotional termil, incorporating it in our sex life. Neat is weak in this household. Now when im giving head you ask for me to smear my mascara. The sad look in my eyes. As I am looking up at you. I don’t know how we started this but now it is a thing.

Tears and not wanting sex is very different. But I am wanting it. I treat it the same as when I am on my period, sex will continue, all throughout the month.

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