New year of love

Title: Linger long on love st

I woke up with the sun peaking through the blinds and thin vales of fabric that moved in the almost non existant breese. Today was one of those days, waking up in bliss, but not wanting to leave this space. My space.

It is never to early to love, I open my heart and let in the day. Feeling the cool air on my hips and thighs as I stand in my backyard in knickers and a singlet, my arms stretching to the sky. I like the way my body curves as I bend and stretch, the natural curves of my back that push my tits and arse out.I want to sit on something hard and give you a call on the phone all day. I do not want to leave my house today not even for a bit of local foreplay. I do love the idea though and have been many times before but today I choose to be selfish with my love and stay at home.

Title: Local Foreplay

in love with you would be a bit much to say, in love with the group on the other hand… I could see that happening. Today I was thinking about Local Foreplay again. The sex positive group that I have been involeved in for a few months now. And now chosing to share my experiences and thoughts on the subject.

I will have to explain a liitle about local foreplay if it is ever going to make any sense to you. The things that I say. Local foreplay or LF is a social group of sex positive inderviduals. I was introduced to the group through a friend of mine. They value care and consent. And engage in sex activiteds. When I was there we sat in a big group with one reading erotica they had written while we all caressed their body giving the reader an intese connection with their fantasy. This was fun. And made writing erotica a little more exciting for me at least. The venue where it was held was a large house with several rooms and a healthy backyard. I joined other groups throughout the evening in gathered in different parts of the house and yard. Inforlved in different excerises of sexual adventure. The first time I did not stay around to finish. I went home to come in the showeer. It was so arousing the afternoons events but I wanted to be alone to finish. But since then I have been bak time and time again making friends and new lovers.

title: sex with sunshine

I never really cared about solar panels until I hooked one up to my vibrator. Oh that was I good day. I felt a connection to the sun, the highs and lows as clouds would slow the connection. It felt as though I was being fucked by sunlight. I felt the full force of the sun, and all its stamina to keep shining down on me all day. Yum! My legs are still shaking after the sun has set. I can still feel where the vibrator was all day, between my thighs.

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