love in nature

Title: tonight’s adventure

I begin this tale as I walk through the trees into the evening. The solid ground getting mushy. Walking through the water my puffy dress getting wet. I try and hold it up a bit but it is going to get soaked regardless. I move a hand through the water making ripples feeling the coolness of the water on my skin, and creeping up my legs. My hair flowing around my shoulders. Plants and flowers flow around, branching upwards from the water.

The cool air blowing my hair. I was not sure why I came this way, but remember the madness the confusion and the lust that spin in my mind when I think of you in the waters. The current curresing my curves. I can feel the flow on my thighs and lapping in between them. I think of you as the water touches me. The way you hold me the way to kiss and lick my thighs.

My nice dress getting wet as I walk further into the water. The water looks calm on the surface but I can feel the push and pull of the current below the surface. Dragonflies hover nearby come to see who has entered their water garden. I spot the place I have visited before. Hello my natural spring of water, my secrete lover. I carefully make my way over to the spot. Standing on two rocks submerged beneath the waters. Alone in prinvacy, I can see  the current. This is where it is most strongest and flows between these  two rocks. I make sure that I am standing on them with the right amount of balance. I can feel the push of the current on my thighs and in between them. It kisses my thighs and my labia. I can feel the water press upon me, the pressure on my skin, an the intense feeling it brings as I am licked by the waters. I stand there as the waters make an attempt to enter me. Water pushing my dress up around my hips. As it tugs hard at my dress trying to take it of my body.

I can feel the waters lick my toes, it tickels as I feel the coolness between my toes and around my ankles. As soaked as I am by the current, the pressure of the water on my body is making me wet. I find a spot to lay back in the waters. I am wedged beween the two rocks holding me in place as I bend my knees propping my feet up on rocks.the water is clear except for right in front of me where the current is strong. I feel it lapping at my dress, flowing over my shoulders and massaging my hair. Pressing strong on my legs, with a constant force  opening my legs, licking my thighs. Beating aginst my knickers. The constant tapping and pressure feels like a thousand tongues licking me. The feeling bluids, I put my hands on my legs and move them down my thighs, water licking my hands as I move them to my kinckers, holding my skin I open myself up to the waves. Instantly I feel the inesity enter me and that feeling washes over me. I lay my head back and waves massaging my scalp and playing with my hair, lightly tugging at it. I can feel waves of pleasure flow through my whole body in tune with the waves that wash over me caressing every part of me.

I sit the until I cum again and again, my face screwing up I grab hold of a nearby branch and squeeze hard as wave after wave of ecstasy wash through me. Then as though the waters know I have reached my limit the current slows and I regain my senses. With shaky legs and arms I get to my feet and make my way back the way I came here. Through the water and plans, dress and hair soaked. But the sun still shined through the trees warming my body.

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