monday morning

Title: rich, pretty and racist

I went on an ad hoc date last night with a person that lives near me. We listend to music you told me about your job, how you are related to royalty. And all the things you own. I don’t care much about objects so it is hard for me to sympathise. But I thought you were a little rasist. And that is something I cannot stand. Most of the people I have grown up with and shared my time with have been from different backgrounds. And the lines of where people have come from have blurred so much I don’t even try guessing anymore. I love language, culture and for you to say such childish things like that. I felt disappointed. The news is far from right. And I would hate to have you around my dear friends if you felt so strongly about these things. But maybe it was just first date jitters. You did mention a few times that you were nervous , and gittery. I sometimes say the wrong thing when I feel under pressure. I will let it slide, as the rest of the night went well.

Title: let’s talk about sex

Kissing your neck

Squeezing your tit

My cock against your thigh

It’s getting harder

pressing firm rubbing agaist you.

I begin to grind my hips

i can feel how warm you are getting

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