Momentary ideals

Title: Heated ideas

I find myself constantly dehydrated from thinking.

Fuel for my thoughts and dreams.

Sadness, low self esteem?

Might just need a glass of water.

I drink so much to float my thoughts.


Title: I want those same feelings on repeat.

It may be wrong. It may not be right. I hate the feelings I am feeling tonight. It is like I have a hit some angry brick wall. Maybe all that study is making me frustrated. Like when I leave the house I just want to get back into my angry room and sit there in doubt staring at the wall wishing it would paint itself.


Title: So do I just keep pushing through on this?

I feel lost as though I have so much to do and all I am doing is standing still not even recognising the people around me. I write, paint and think as though I am possessed, unable to slow down. I am thinking at such an extreme pace, and I do not even know. For what reason? What did I want to achieve? Am I living out my dreams, or are these the nightmares of a crazy person. My face hurts and I want to close my eyes, but for reasons I cannot work out.

I am still here thinking hard, poring my dreams out onto the wall hoping something will stick. But not tonight, everything is sliding to the floor. But all those things that have not stuck are starting to pile up. And this gives me confidence, maybe I don’t even need the wall, I will build my own.

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