Here are a few poems that I have written during September and October 2015. I tried to group together a few that had the same feel and vibe to them. Enjoy!

Title: sway

Music plays in the background, calm words can be heard somewhere of into the distance. But it’s you that I am focused on. As you sway in the warm evening breeze.

I look you over, those clothes in earthy green, red and brown colours. One with nature. You make me want to know all the names of every plant in the garden. Inspire me to learn more about the world around us. It’s what I love about you…

Title: Garden Stairs

I leave my apartment, down the steps. I feel calm, and together. The sun on my glasses. I notice you to the left. Under an overhanging tree, enjoying a picnic by yourself. It’s these moments of you I don’t want to disturb.

Title: Ever Green

Your leaves, so full, and green,

I can’t imagine them as anything else,

your branches and curves, swaying in the breeze,

you welcome the sun, and enjoy it with me,

as I sit in your lap, a day to read,

look over my shoulder, I’ll share it with you,

ever green, here with me.

Title: trance

I walk through the crowd, intense music playing like a fog. Flashing lights moving bodies, as I move on closer to you. My vision of you going from a haze to complete blackness, then back to a haze. I am entranced in you.

You are covered in streaks of fluorescent body paint. As am I. Your hair, skin and clothes all dusted in that burn red sand, skin Sunkist, eyes alive. All signs of being out in the desert to long.

title: Chlorine

Today I went for my morning swim. It was such a sunny day. Rode my bike through the backstreets to get there. Feeling the breeze.

Changing rooms, smell of bodies. I take my shirt of, shorts and jocks. Then put on my bathers.

I walk to the edge of the pool dive in. Lap after lap. Thankfully the pool is heated. After some time I notice a girl in the next lane looking at me, her head above water, our eyes meeting as we swim past each other from opposite ends of the pool.

Blonde, white skin, tanned and fit. I think about her thighs.

My swim has finished, I can swim no more. I push myself up onto the ledge with my hands, water dripping from my body. She stops and stands in the next lane. Blue flowery bikini. That body. I know she wants me to talk to her.

That is all at the moment. Thanks for reading!

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