long shadows in the summer

Title: Something for nothing

Today I unpacked my first solar panel. In Australia we have hot summers, with the heat sometimes almost unbearable. But for me I see this as an opportunity to get of the grid. My bedroom window gets the morning sun. Full and heavy. I angled the panel in the direction of the morning sun that comes up big strong and bright. I hooked it up to a battery to store the energy collected. And plugged in my fan and laptop.  About 6am in the morning I felt the gental brease of my fan wash over me, and saw the light on my laptop on, signalling that it had began to charge. It is amazing how this works. And that it will collect power from the sun up to 20 years. There is a good chance it will out last the devices I am charging. 

Title: Can’t be cool for long

I find it hard to sit there and fit in with the party crowd. It’s just not me. I don’t enjoy things that are not engaging. I don’t do drugs, so find it hard to chill to trance music for more than 3 hours.

Title: wanting more
Seeing clearly, kicking it aganst the pricks,
The future is now, but how?
Of the grid, knowledge is power,

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