Outside my door

It is sunny outside, the heat makes me feel good and want to be active and do things with my day. I feel good because I have done many drawings and I am ready to submit my assignment. I have a swig of wine as I want a little buzz going when I walk out the door. I get cleaned up, smiling at myself as I brush my teeth. Getting all those yellow stains off. My teeth look so white in my reflection, I enjoy observing them.

The sun through the window warms my face. I put on my sunnies and Head out the front door, down the stairs. People are waiting at the bottom of the steps, I think they are friendly but I am wrong, they want my jacket. I get punched in the gut, and a whack across the face. and I fall down was they take it from me. I am tasting dust and dirt from the concret. I lay there for a while. In shock. But then I pull myslef up straighten up my shirt and dust myslef down. Still ready for the day!

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