two thoughts on a tuesday night

  • How I blog
  • i want to make this blog grow, like a seed I plant and nuture, but at the same time I want it to grow wild. I want its roots to grow deep (followers and credability) and for its branches to reach far connecting ideas, and thoughs woven in such a way that it is just beatiful to observe, and when you are up close the detail is phonomial, how much thought and ideas have gone into this multi dimentional tree. that is how i blog, that is what I have in mind when I blog.
  • hagging with you
  • there are many truths to me and many lies to me but what you seem to focus in on is something that is not me, and you wnat me to feel bad about that nothing idea you have of me. we I say you are not a great person and to project these ideas are very annoying. but like all people that annoy me you are probably amazing in bed. i think you will do beeter than anything i could think up for you to do for me. and it will feel so great tpo have you. and then it will be over and I will want you gone, out of my life, until we are both in the mood again. the cycle isn’t great, fun. but never great for the mind body or soul. but maybe it is, this uncertainty is what I like most. it is sexy, and always leaving me wanting more, it challenges my mind and makes me question things.

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