Sink into me

I would like to write in a way that captures who I am, and goes deep within me, but for the moment I am treading water on the surface, I look down every now and then. But I am still floating in the safety of my swim. I need to let go and feel the water rise around me, over my shoulders and making my hair wet. I need to sink down, into a place I have not been before and feel the current on my skin as it moves me back and forth. I need to let go I need to embrace that fear, not knowing how deep it is. Sinking, vulnerable to all that may or may not be around me. And to let go of that air. only for a moment, letting go. And that in that moment I will be free from myself. before I spring back up to the surface kicking, and gasping for air. splashing about. I was free for a moment, now I will lean back and let the sun dry my face, and listen to the sounds around me. I was free, I was free for a moment.

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