9 energy sources generated from walking

The future in near, and with modern science and technology we are having a better understanding on how to power devices from wasted energy (nature and the human body).  Though some do not generate much, collectively the power generated is enough to power personal devices.

  1. Ear sound energy
  2. blinking
  3. Respiration energy
  4. Thermal
  5. Kinetic
  6. solar
  7. sweat
  8. blood flow
  9. footstep energy

Although when you look at the materials that these devices are made from they are not very sustainable in manufacturing them. But with further research they could be made from bio materials. Also to bring it further into the 21st century there are biodegradable batteries. I still have so many Questions I am currently in search of!

Realistically how much energy can these devices generate?

How much would it weigh?

what would be the best battery to store all this energy?

Is there an easy way to wear all of this?

what would be the eco cost to produce this?

If you would like further information on my research thus far and links let me know. As I tried not to make this post too bulky. Also what are your thoughts? I would like to know.

image source: http://inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/06/vodafone-power-pocket.jpg

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