Me: I can feel you tasting me.

I can feel you tasting me.

Hayley: I love tasting you

It’s my favourite thing to do

I’ve been yearning for you all day.

The way your eyes close

The shower continues

I’m still sucking you off

I can’t seem to stop

I take it deeper and deeper

I am somehow harder for you then before

I hear your breathing getting a little deeper

I love looking up at you

I can feel you and you can feel me.

I’m thinking about you returning the favour 

My cock throbs when you look up at me

It’s making me crazy

I love knowing you love it

I see water dripping down your sexy body

I’m throbbing for you

The cool water on our heated bodies


So turned on

I have made you wait for it. Teasing you

I’m wanting you to pleasure me so bad

I’m aching for it

But I wait

I have no choice

You on your knees I feel empowered.

Never have I wanted you so bad

Dominating you as you beg for more.

I’m throbbing for you

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