Monday morning rant

I like to do my morning rant, get it all out of my system. shake it off, as swifty would say. and then I can think clearly about the people I love and our connections that we make. and truly get poetic with the finer details of life. I apologies now, if some of it doesn’t make scene. but this is my blog, and I shall rant, however I feel.

so with this sunny day, i shall see friends, get some homework done, join my study group for lunch, as they are always studying. and it helps me study in a healthy positive way. there are so many faces, smiling at me today. it makes me happy that I can be a part of their lives, and them a part of mine. from this rant, story, maybe I will get a [poem]. but for now i shall right with no intention at all, casting out grammar, ans spelling, to not stop the flow, of words from me, onto the page. the faster it pores the better it shall be. i keep telling myself that, what else shall it be? birds are chirping, i can here them sing. its a song for me, I will here it again. 

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