dusty red hippie plain

Last thoughts as I leave to go,

heading home, picking up the pieces.

There is always a party next door,

though I never stopped, more then to say hello,

as I walk on up to my apartment, or as I bounce down the stairs,

in such a hurry, where did the time go.

but never mind that now, I shall say my farewells,

Car on the road, to that hippie festival,

lights, sounds, sun, nights and experiences hear I come.

I just hope i’m in good hearts, looking over and after my young soul.

my hair on my face, the warm night air surrounding me.

my tired eyes sting, but i’ll stay up just this little bit late.

at the end, the morning rose without me, though

I can not leave, my car gridlocked,

School will have to wait, and I

on this dusty red hippie plain.

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